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Blog Category: Disaster Restoration

How to Prevent and Repair Frozen Pipe Damage

Published January 11, 2024 in category: Disaster Restoration
Every winter, homeowners face a common yet daunting challenge: frozen pipes. As temperatures plummet, the risk of pipes freezing and bursting increases, leading to potential water damage and costly repairs. At 911 Restoration of Marietta, we specialize in preventing and repairing the damage caused by... 

A Checklist for Hurricane Preparedness and Recovery

Published August 29, 2023 in category: Disaster Restoration
Hurricanes are among the most devastating natural disasters, causing not only immense physical damage but also emotional turmoil. Given the severity and unpredictability of these storms, a systematic approach to preparation and recovery is crucial. This article aims to provide a comprehensive checklist that can... 

Disaster Preparedness: Creating an Effective Emergency Plan for Your Home or Business

Published April 4, 2023 in category: Disaster Restoration
Understand the importance of having an emergency plan. An emergency plan is crucial to ensure the safety of your family or employees and protect your property in the event of a disaster. 911 Restoration is a reliable water damage company. 911 Restoration is a trusted... 

Understanding Natural Disasters For Homes & Restoration

Published July 29, 2021 in category: Disaster Restoration
The bitter truth about natural disasters is that they can happen suddenly, at moments when you’re least prepared. Even those homeowners who prepare for natural disasters, such as forest fires and hurricanes, can do little to prevent catastrophic losses. These types of emergencies often devastate... 
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