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Disaster Restoration in Marietta

Unexpected house disasters may leave homeowners in Marietta, GA, in a state of turmoil and bewilderment. They need a trustworthy and caring partner to help them through the restoration process. 911 Restoration is your go-to resource for a full portfolio of disaster restoration services Marietta GA that can ease your stress. With our dedication to prompt response and superior restoration services, our team of professionals is ready to put your mind at ease again. 

We tackle every project by employing the greatest techniques we know how to restore your facility to its pre-disaster condition, including mold removal, fire damage cleanup, and water damage restoration. The way we work ensures you stay safe and happy by assuring that we not only clean up a mess but begin anew!

Disaster Restoration Services Marietta, GA: Understand Our Comprehensive Services

Our extensive range of restoration services ensures Marietta, GA, residents have access to help with water, fire, and mold damage. Our knowledgeable IICRC-certified experts offer prompt emergency response, including as much drying and repair as needed to guard against further damage. Our fire restoration service includes decontamination, smoke removal, and complete reconstruction. Our disaster pack-out services help restore your home to its condition before it fires. We are finding and eliminating existing molds and conditions that cause mold to grow, not just to rid your home of mold but also to consider the occupants of your home.

Furthermore, we provide an array of other necessary restoration services that homeowners need to cope with the unexpected. We offer everything from sewage cleanups and heavy-duty cleaning to sanitization and commercial disaster recovery Marietta GA has to offer. When Marietta experiences any devastating times, stay assured; we are the ones who will make this house an ease back to your home.

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Selecting 911 Restoration As Your Disaster Restoration Services – The Go-To Disaster Recovery Experts

Home disasters can happen at any time, so it is essential to choose a restoration company wisely. Here’s why 911 Restoration stands apart in Marietta, GA: We have a track record of success.

  • We have a team of professionals certified by IICRC to provide excellent services.
  • We believe in promptness. Our crew members will be at your doorstep 45 minutes after you have called, fully prepared to handle any disaster restoration.
  • We are not merely in the business of cleanup; we want to restore your property to its original state or even better, hence our motto, “Fresh Start.”
  • By providing an ethical approach and total transparency, we have gained the trust of many Marietta homeowners.

Moreover, working hand in hand with all insurance majors, we assist in all claim formalities to keep things easy for you. We know that in a distressing time like we are now, even a clear explanation or guidance can make a world of difference.


Don’t hesitate if you need immediate help! Contact us: (678) 325-7841

Water Damage Effects: One of Our Water Damage Restoration Services from the Experts

Water damage not only compromises the building’s longevity but also encourages mold growth on walls and other surfaces. Our trained professionals will extract any standing water and dry your home with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure no long-term consequences of water exposure. Our goal is to minimize damage and quickly restore your property. 

Whether the water damage is from a flood, storm, or burst pipe, fast action can prevent the home from taking worse damage and aid in preventing the growth of mold. Our quick turnaround and availability around the clock allow us to minimize harm immediately.

Contact 911 Restoration for water damage restoration services and professional post-disaster content services Marietta GA. We specialize in getting your home and peace of mind back on track with quality work every time.

Surviving a Fire: How Our Fire Damage Clean-Up Services Help Restore Your Property

A fire at your home is very unnerving. We are formidable professionals in fire damage clean-up services in Marietta, GA. Because we have knowledge of the most recent techniques, we can swiftly restore your precious item to its flawless pre-fire state. We perform soot and smoke damage removal and provide complete disaster reconstruction services Marietta GA to restore your property to pre-disaster condition. We understand the importance of both your home and your peace of mind; our IICRC-certified staff ensure that no stone is left unturned and accompany you through the insurance claim process so that you have the most relaxing recovery process. Rest assured that we will bring you the comfort & assurance that you can rely on us, leaving no trace of a hassle that has even taken place.

Mold Infestation: Our Rapid and Efficient Mold Remediation Services

Not only can a mold infestation in your house be unattractive, but it may also be bad for your health. That is why, at 911 Restoration, effective mold remediation in Marietta, GA, is our priority. Our team of IICRC-certified experts has experience with mold remediation and provides professional mold removal services designed to quickly and efficiently remedy any mold problem before it becomes a health hazard or a more costly structural issue.

Mold can harm your structure and pose a health risk if not addressed. We offer 24/7 mold inspection, testing, and remediation services, using high-tech equipment to ensure complete removal and prevent recurrences. 911 Restoration can help you remove as much mold from your home as possible, whether it is a small area or a major infestation. 

Handling the Unexpected: Our Range of Other Essential Restoration Services.

We do more than just water and fire damage restoration. We provide multiple necessary services for cleaning, sewage cleanup, heavy-duty cleaning, commercial repair, and crime scene cleanup. Our IICRC-certified professionals can quickly and efficiently offer pet odor and board-up services to protect your property. As soon as you call us, no matter how large your disaster is, we are ready to help so you may mitigate your losses and return your home to its pre-disaster state. Whether you need stellar carpet cleaning or complete mold removal, you can rest assured in our capable hands.


At 911 Restoration, we realize how important your property is to you, and we see our position as much more than just repairing it; we also help to restore normality in your life. Our Marietta, GA-based staff is always prepared to convert a catastrophe into a chance for rejuvenation. We do more than only rehabilitate structures; we also restore hope and trust. If something goes wrong, our on-the-ground crew is here 24/7 to convert crises into opportunities to rejuvenate. Contact us now for your Fresh Start, and we’ll help you return to your secure, clean, and peaceful home!


A: The first steps involve extraction, drying and dehumidification, cleaning and sanitization, and restoring the damaged property. All our experts operate in such a manner to cause the least amount of inconvenience on your daily life as possible throughout the entire operation.

A: Whenever an emergency happens in Marietta, GA, our team is on standby 24/7/365. They make sure to respond to the scene as quickly as possible to stop the damage from spreading too far into your home

A: Our experts start by conducting a thorough mold inspection to determine the level of damage and then get rid of mold and treatment by applying advanced, safe methods that leave no chance for mold to grow again.

A: Absolutely! Our fire and smoke damage experts will buckle down to secure a property, completely clean out all the soot and other residue, and finish the project with complete restoration of the damaged areas.

A: For heavy-duty cleaning, 911 Restoration offers professional carpet cleaning, pet odor removal, and sewage cleanup to return your home to its pre-loss state.

A: Absolutely. We offer various commercial services, from water damage to restoration services, in Marietta, GA. We want to get your operations up and running as fast as possible.

A: Yes, we support taking care of the claim process with the insurance companies so that the claim process can be made much more straightforward for our clients so they will not be exposed to more stress, keeping in mind that this is a serious event with traumatic consequences.

A: Absolutely! All products and methods we use in our restoration process are safe and environmentally friendly, assuring the health and safety of you and your family.

A: We have certified and trained professionals with plenty of skilled knowledge in disaster restoration. We adhere to industry standards and work on top services.

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