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Understanding Natural Disasters For Homes & Restoration

Published by Allegra on July 29, 2021 in category: Disaster Restoration

Understanding Natural DisastersThe bitter truth about natural disasters is that they can happen suddenly, at moments when you’re least prepared. Even those homeowners who prepare for natural disasters, such as forest fires and hurricanes, can do little to prevent catastrophic losses. These types of emergencies often devastate entire towns and urban centers, requiring families to make big decisions in a short amount of time, including how they should restore the damage done to their property.

Once a natural wildfire, tornado, flood, or hurricane has passed, you have to make a quick decision to start restoration services as soon as possible.

There are numerous disasters to account for, other than those related to fire and water. It is very important to take the necessary steps to protect your property and create a disaster recovery plan that can protect your home and help you get back on your feet as soon as possible.

Severe Weather

Different places in Marietta are prone to different types of severe weather. For instance, there is a very high risk of tornado damage in Marietta than the rest of Georgia. In fact, it is much higher than the national average. Tornados can cause massive structural damage and destroy valuables such as documents.

Tornadoes can also damage property as well as irreplaceable documents. In the winter months, ice storms and heavy blizzards can plague most of Georgia. This type of weather can cause the roofs to collapse from the sheer burden of the heavy snow (also known as ice damming).

A home suffering from even a few inches of water damage can require significant repairs as well as mold remediation. Likewise, smoke and wildfire damage can leave lingering issues beyond what is visible, such as drifting ash and odors.

If and when these natural disasters occur, make sure to call restoration experts in Marietta to document the damage. This will give you a chance to review your best possible methods of recovery.


Landslides can happen at any time. They typically occur due to the movement of rock, earth, and debris. This type of disturbance occurs after an earthquake, erosion, or excess weight resulting from the accumulation of rain and snow.

The most common signs of landslides are breaks in underground utility lines, cracks in the pavement, tilting of utility poles, and faint rumbling sounds that increase in intensity as the landslide gets closer.

The best way to protect yourself in case of a landslide is to be on your guard and watch for early warning signs. If you are notified of an imminent landslide, evacuate your home immediately. If you are inside your home and cannot evacuate, curl up into a ball and protect your head.

Landslides can also cause secondary risks such as flooding, destroyed power lines, and severe structural damage to buildings.

After the landslide has passed, tune in to your local news channels and await further instructions from officials. It is important to stay away from the slide area until local officials give the all-clear.  Try to look for broken utility lines and report them to relevant authorities. These utilities should be turned off as quickly as possible to prevent further injury and hazards.

Call water damage restoration experts in Marietta to check your home for structural damage and evaluate your options. If you suspect that your home is not safe to enter, call professionals who will clear your home for reentry.

Pro tip: If your area is prone to landslides, it is highly recommended to install deflection walls to protect your property in the event of a landslide.

Termite Damage

This may sound unusual and out of place, but termites have the potential of causing massive damage, similar to water. There are many signs of termite damage including swollen ceilings and floors, buckling wood, and areas with visible maze-like structures within walls and furniture.

A termite infestation can also exude a scent very similar to mold and mildew.

Most termites prefer to build their colonies within structures made out of wood where they can feed and find protection from outside elements. Termite infestations often go unnoticed until they have deeply entrenched themselves into a structure to the point where you can see cracks and visible maze-like tunnels.

If left unchecked, termites can also cause irreversible damage to your documents. They don’t just move to attack your documents individually, they prefer to move in as a colony and eat their way to bliss. It is highly recommended to make backups of your documents and store them in a safe place so that they are never disturbed by hungry termites.

This type of damage is very common in antique furniture pieces. If this occurs, you should contact pest control experts to discuss the extent of an infestation and your options for damage control.

Call in Fire Damage Restoration Experts in Marietta

If you have experienced one or all of the above natural disasters, there are a few things you can do to minimize damage. Get in touch with experts at 911 Restoration of Marietta at 678-325-7841.  We can handle all types of residential and commercial water emergencies.

Once our crews arrive, our first step is to evaluate the areas affected and understand the scope of the damage. With this information, they can provide an estimation of recommended services to prevent further loss.

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