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COVID 19 in Marietta

Published by Support on April 15, 2020 in category: Current Event

The CDC and the EPA have provided us with guidelines on the best ways to handle the coronavirus outbreak in Marietta. You can go over these recommendations right now. Go over the steps you can take to adhere to proper hygiene suggestions and to keep your property clean and sanitized. Following these steps can prepare you to clean:

  • Hard surfaces like counters, desks, light switches, door handles, and more
  • Soft surfaces like rugs, drapes, and carpet
  • Electronic devices
  • Clothes and other fabrics

Sanitizing surfaces requires you to first clean the surface with soap and water. The CDC recommends this pre-cleaning for both hard and soft surfaces. Once the surface is clean, you can continue sanitization with the use of a disinfectant approved by the EPA. You may substitute a 70% alcohol solution or a diluted bleach solution for this part of the sanitization process.

Cleaning electronic devices can require more care. You do not want to damage your computer while cleaning it, for example. You can use alcohol wipes to clean electronics. You may also want to purchase and use a wipeable cover to protect your electronic devices in Marietta.

Finally, you can clean your laundry and other fabrics in your washer, just as you always would. You should select the warmest possible water when doing laundry. Make sure that all clothes are dried thoroughly. No matter what you are cleaning, you should wear disposable gloves and wash your hands as soon as you are done.

You can turn sanitization services over to the experts by contacting 911 Restoration of Marietta right now. We can visit your property to discuss disinfection solutions. Our crews base their services on the most up-to-date recommendations issued by the CDC and the EPA. We’ll put you first as we clean and sanitize your home or business in Marietta.

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